5 Errors Online Business Owners Make

If you are an online business owner or you are thinking about starting your own, it’s important that you read the following. Most online business owners or new online business owners typically make the same 5 mistakes. Knowing them could possibly not only save you time but also decide if you are going to be successful in your venture.

#1: Focus: There are so many online business owners out there and the one thing they have in common is they go from one opportunity to the next. They never start a company and see it through. Along the way, it looks like the grass is greener somewhere else so they make the jump only to do make this jump every few months. Once you decide to start your own online business, there is a few things you should do before you start. Research several different companies, look the following items. Support both from your sponsor and sales, marketing strategies, training, compensation plan, is it a lot of products to sell or just a select few and more. When you are comfortable with one company then get started and stay focus. You will struggle at 1st and there will a learning curve but use intelligent patience through your process. There is no get rich quick programs, don’t fall for it.

#2: Consistency: To me, being consistent is the most important part of building your business. This is the first item that goes away from beginner online business owner. Establishing your goals and a plan to achieve them and then follow-up with your plan. Start with small goals and build your business from there. If you are new to your business, planning to make $10,000 in your first month is highly unlikely but making your 1st sale would be a good start. Your plan should as precise as you can, accounting for time allocation, training, investment and more but do not vary from it at first. After your 1st month, re-evaluate your plan to see if you are on pace to achieve your goals and adjust your plan accordingly. This should be only small adjustment, not major turnaround unless you were getting nowhere. Evaluate your plan every month to assure your success is on course.

#3: Procrastinators: Usually, procrastinators are not very organized. They usually do not have a detailed plan as to what they are doing and when they are doing it. They will spend time reading e-mails, reading and posting on forums, spend time talking with friends, family or worst, people they don’t even know. If you are a procrastinator, you probably have not enjoyed a lot of success if any. Learn to plan your days, weeks and even months and do your to do list 1st then start what you use to do. You can plan an allotted time for e-mails, and forum posting but stick to that time you give yourself.

#4: Make the sale: Most online business owners make the biggest mistake here. When they have a potential customer, they focus on what they are selling. That is the most common mistake. Get to know your customer or lead. Find out what they really want and help them see how it would help them if they purchased your product or service. If you show an interest, they are more likely to purchase as if they are just treated like a customer at Wal Mart. Focus on your customers not your products.

#5: Follow-up: This is for the people that wonder why people quit on them. Follow-up is as important as any of the 1st four component we just discussed. I am sure you heard about buyers remorse. It is kind of like you are buying your 1st brand new car and you are all excited but when you starting thinking about the monthly payment for the next 5 years, it makes you think twice but in this case, you can’t return your car but your customers can return your products. After you made the sale, this is where your new customers find out who you truly are. If they know they can count on you when they need support or they know you will check on them from time to time, it makes your customers feel good about their purchase. Remember, we already discussed, focus on your people, not your products.

Following or not following these steps can decide how fast you become successful in your online business or have any success at all. Just keep in mind that in a recent survey taken, 97% of the people quit their online business because they most likely failed at 1 or more of the steps above. The good news is there is only 3% of the people that will make it in this industry, so your competition is very little. It is not like you are starting your own fast food restaurant and you are taking on Giant like Mcdonalds or Burger King. Avoid making the common mistakes, build your business and 6 months to a year from now, you will be able to fire your boss!